Big Springs Spirits Distillery
Type: Commercial
Location: 198 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte PA
Architect: Albert Drobka
Date(s): 10/01/14
Description: Veronesi Building & Remodeling served as the Construction Manager and General Contractor for the historic preservation and renovations to this 6,000sf new fit out. The project included new exterior wall openings, back of house distilling area, tasting room and bar area, restroom facilities, and complete mechanical and electrical installations. The distillery equipment was assembled off site while construction was taking place. Once the completion was near the equipment was broken down into pieces and reassembled on site. The project was completed ahead of schedule and within the originally prepared project budget. Big Springs Sprits is a thriving boutique distillery and has become a Centre County destination. Big Spring Spirits will be the first LEED certified distillery in the country. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, and recognizes advanced building strategies and practices that help preserve a healthy green planet. This project was unique in that is houses 3 different building occupancies. H-3 (high hazard) in the ethanol producing area which includes the stills and blending tanks is separated behind a 2 hour fire wall. An F-1 (Factory and Industrial) rating in the manufacturing, storage and bottling area and an A-1 (Assembly) area in the tasting room.