Taco Bell Remodel
Type: Commercial
Location: 100 Rolling Ridge Drive, State College PA
Architect: Albert Drobka
Date(s): Completed February 28, 2014
Description: Veronesi served as the General Contractor for this project. The project consisted of removing all existing exterior finishes, building new soffits and towers to accommodate the new Taco Bell corporate design. All new water management EIFS was applied as a finish product to the exterior. The dining area received new storefront windows. New Taco Bell signage was installed as well as new drive through canopies and landscaping. All existing interior finishes were completely removed from the dining area; new porcelain flooring, drywall and black acoustical ceiling were installed. New lighting was installed along with the new d├ęcor package of Taco Bell which included new tables, chairs and art work. This project was completed on time and within budget.